The Three Little Pigs Went to the Stock Market


Three little pigs went to the market to stockup for the future.

The first little pig liked chips so he went tothe DOW market. He was told by everyone youcould always rely on their products. They werealways good. The manager told him you could putthem away and forget about them.

The second little pig liked spicy things. Heshopped at the NASDAQ market where they hadunusual products. He said that his purchaseswere good to put away even though they had somestrange ingredients. He took his home and saidhe did not need to worry about them even thoughothers had told him to be careful.

The third little pig went to both of thosemarkets. He would pinch the tomatoes and squeezethe Charmin. He was a very careful shopper. Manytimes he would put things in his shopping cart, but later take them out because they were not"just right".

Our first little piggy brought home hispurchases, put them away and many times forgetabout them. The store manager had told him theywould always be good and he believed him so hedid not bother to check on them periodically.

When the second pig got home he also put thethings he picked out at the market on his shelfand would brag to his friends about the greatthings he would have in the future when he wasready to retire. He would have more than hewould ever need. He rarely looked in the pantry, but once in a while he knew that one of theproducts was spoiling. That didn't worry himeither, as he knew they would still be fine sometime in the future when he wanted them.

The third little guy put his purchases away, but regularly checked to see that they were allright. If one of them was not "just right" hewould take it back to the market. Our third pigmade sure that none of his market purchases wentsour.

Time passed and our first little pig got to thepoint that he needed to start eating out of hissavings. To his dismay he found many of hisguaranteed chips has spoiled. There were stillenough there so he could eat, but not the way hehad before. Our second pig also no longer bought at themarket, but when he went to the pantry he foundalmost all of his purchases had become rotten. In order to eat at all he had to take a job atWal-Mart as a greeter.

Mr. Third Pig's purchases all were good becauseevery month he had checked to be sure nothingwas going bad and if it was he would get rid ofit right away. He was able to enjoy being athome or playing golf because his pantry wasfull.

It seems it doesn't make any difference whereour 3 pigs did their shopping - DOW or NASDAQmarkets. The important difference was that theone who checked to be sure his purchases neverwent bad was the one who ended up with plenty.


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