My Neighbor Got A New Car


I don't know what kind it is, but I saw iton TV running full speed along the shore (I don'tlive near the shore) throwing up spray or maybeit was that one climbing up the steep mountaintrail thru the mud, rocks and snow. Veryexciting. (I don't live near the mountainseither.) WOW! Just what I need.

But there are a few obstacles.

It costs about $28,000. (That's close to theaverage annual wage.) I have perfect credit andthey'll give it to me for no money down. All Ihave to do is make the monthly payments for thenext 5 years of only $541. Maybe it won't bethat much because I'll be trading in my car andI have it almost paid for it.

I can see me now headed for the beach orclimbing that mountain in that shiny new car.

I tell my wife.

She says, "So".

I say, "Waddayamean 'so'?"

She elaborates that our car is almost paid forand hasn't a scratch on it. It looks like newwhen it is washed and waxed and runs great. Shewhacks me with if I want a different car we canhave this one repainted and put on new slipcovers. The transmission and AC have both beenreplaced and it has less than 100,000 miles onit. She remembers the engine is rated for200,000 miles and the tires are good for another50,000 miles. How does she recall thosestatistics? I can't win for losing with thiswoman.

There is a tone in her voice that I knowmeans finality when she iterates, "You might wanta new car, but we don't need one". My reply is thecar might break down and may cost thousands tofix". Her lightning reply, "Well, it won't cost$28,000 and our insurance bill won't go upeither. If you want payments you can make anextra mortgage payment each month. Better yetlet's knock down that credit card debt."

I hear the air hissing out of my balloon. No beach. No mountains. Forget all that practicalstuff like saving for retirement or having someextra cash put away for emergencies. Damn.

BUT - my neighbor has a new car.


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